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PostSubject: Guild Leader   Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:29 pm

Hello everybody!

I don't know how to put this so I'll be blunt about it. Due to a lot of things going on in my personal life I'm not going to be able to be the guild leader any longer, this is due to the fact that, I'm sure you've noticed, I've gotten less active as the weeks go by and that I can't be there as often as I would like.

Don't worry about the guild though! I've observed a lot of people and I've gotten to know people who really care about the guild... and it's because of that, that we're going to have a new guild leader... I will pass on the guild to Shuu, whom I believe will make a wonderful guild leader.

At the moment the command to change guild leader isn't working, so I had to PM Tira to make this change, but she hasn't read the message... So for now I will remain as the guild leader until the change is made.

I know Shuu will be a great leader for all of you and I hope Playlist continues to succeed like it has since I created it.

What about me you ask? Oh, I'll be around. I'll continue to play once in a while, show up here and there, most likely to events cuz I really like how well Bishamon is doing; I'll also be in the forums a lot. I'm very sad that this had to happen, but I understand that I'm not going to be able to be in charge... the best decision was to find someone.

Well guys, thank you so much for letting me be one of the happiest guild leaders out there.

Remember that this isn't good-bye either! no1

Let's make a playlist!

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PostSubject: Re: Guild Leader   Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:23 am

It's an honored to be the next leader of Playlist, I really love this guild... especially the guild members <3
Thank you very much :)
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