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 Many Forum & Guild Updates 06/03/10

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PostSubject: Many Forum & Guild Updates 06/03/10   Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:49 am

Hey guys :) I updated a lot of things in the forums and some in the guild for those who haven't read the new stuff. Also, always remember to read the forums and read the guild notice when you log in!


Recent Forum Updates

-New RO Emoticons

-New Ranking System (based on the RBO ranking system).
---Ranking art is not mine, so don't credit me.

-Co-Leaders have moderator powers, for in case I'm not on and something happens in the forum.

-Forum Events (currently Mrs. and Mr. Playlist)

Guild Updates

-New Co-Leaders
---Shuu (General Co-Leader), Imagination/Afternoon (General Co-Leader), Bishamon (Event Co-Leader)
-----Bishamon is in power of most guild events.

-New Guild Rule
---If you're not active between 1 week and a half or 2 weeks you will be kicked out of the guild.

-Money from events that's below 20m (with a 10 man party) or 10m (with a 5 man party) will go to the guild fund.

I think that's all! Well guys, have fun~

Let's make a playlist!
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Many Forum & Guild Updates 06/03/10
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