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 About Us - eRO Playlist Guild

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PostSubject: About Us - eRO Playlist Guild   Sun Apr 11, 2010 2:13 pm

About us:

Why Playlist was made:
Playlist was created as a social guild for players to interact with other people and be able to have someone there to level, party, chat, or simply put, to make friends.

Do we WoE?
Although WoE is not heavily enforced, I will encourage the guild to participate once in a while, this is so new players get to know the RO system better and learn new things as well as finding out if WoE is their passion. I will try to find an alliance and we'll see where we go from there.

Guild Members/Recruits:
We accept many type of people, as long as their intentions are good and they want to have fun. We specially welcome new players to the game of Ragnarok Online or to the Essence RO server! We expect people to behave and act appropriately with other members and other players.

Guild Titles:
The only thing I want from the guild members is to make their guild title a favorite song, something they are currently listening to, or a song that is stuck in their head. If the title is to long then I will try to do my best to put it in.

Our Goal:
We want to encourage fair game play, no KSing or any other form of inappropriate behavior. We support players to do the best they can and we want everyone to be able to enjoy Essence RO.

What do we offer?
We offer a guild willing to help new players and even older ones, all for the sake of making friends and having fun.

Want to join?
Send a PM to R o s e in-game or any other playlist member, they should have invite powers.

More information?
Send me a PM, my IGN is R o s e
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About Us - eRO Playlist Guild
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