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 Is anyone still out there?

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PostSubject: Is anyone still out there?   Thu Jul 28, 2016 11:51 am

I was checking my e-mail today and I got a notification about someone making an account. It threw me off since I haven't checked this forum in years, but it reminded me that this forum is still here.

As some of you may know, eRO is finally dead after barely surviving for the last couple of years. I believed they closed it earlier this year on Valentine's day. I spent a lot of time in that server and I met a lot of people there. It was a nice experience and I haven't found another server as unique as eRO was at its prime. But that's to be expected, as RO itself is outdated.

I hope everyone has been doing well! If anyone is still out there and wants to re-connect, remember that this forum is still here. Additionally, it'll be great if anyone finds a brand new server. I still love playing RO to this day, but most servers out there aren't very balanced and don't survive for very long.

Anyway, this was a nice walk through memory lane.

Until next time,
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Is anyone still out there?
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