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 Back Under Old Management

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PostSubject: Back Under Old Management   Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:02 am

Hey guys, I'm back! And seeing as the guild almost died while I was gone, I plan to revive it and stay it with as long as possible.

Phase one of the revival is done, I am back as the GM of the guild. Phase two is done as well, I organized the guild again and booted the inactives. Phase three will start today which is recruiting people. Phase four is events, I'm not sure when this one will start. Phase five is for activity, which means: keeping the guild active and interesting.

At the moment all Co-Leaders have lost their power and I am back as the sole power in the guild. I do not plan to look for Co-Leaders again, until it's necessary and the guild is back on track. And even though I don't have Co-Leaders at the moment, support is always welcomed :)

In other news, the guild is under Katheryn Lock, my mechanic (I'm in love with mechanics). I should be pretty active, seeing as I can vend with her and it seems like I'm always there lol~ But yeah, I will be as active as I can, mostly at night and such since school started. Also, my forum name will change to Lock :)

Well, time to start advertising! And time for Photoshop :) Well guys, thanks for everything!

Let's make a playlist!
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Back Under Old Management
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