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 ET/MvP Class Guide

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PostSubject: ET/MvP Class Guide   Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:16 pm

From my experience I believe the following classes are better for ET/MvP, I really, really HATE it when people say classes can be useless. Just 'cuz you haven't met someone who can use them right, doesn't mean they can't be used. Also, everyone should have at least 3 yggs with them, you never know what will happen!!!

Needed Classes:

2-3 Arch Bishop
---Support, if you have enough healing make sure you assign one to use recovery/status recovery/ or those party recuperative skills! Remember to use sanctuary on RGs! This really helps you heal! Also, do the little tree skill (Eclip--- something like that) to heal the party, remember safety wall is useful too! Specially on yourself!!! ALWAYS HAVE GEMS (and a few holy waters)!

2-3 Royal Guard
---Devotion! Devotion! Devotion! SG is the priority, if more than one is present remember that priest need love too! And the other classes that are squishy.

1 Star Gladiator
---Do I have to say anything? Don't offer to be the SG if you don't have good equips.

1 Whitesmith/Mechanic (although if Creator is present might not need.)
---Repair stuff and use your buffs. If you are equipped well then attack the MvP, otherwise, avoid this.

1 Creator (although if WS is present might not need.)
---Full Protect! Remember to ALWAYS have materials with you. AD (Acid Demostration) is also welcomed to use on the MvP if you get bored.

1 Wizard/Warlock (for the floors with mobs to move quickly)
---Use AoE spells to get rid of things in mobby floors, hold back on MvP floors.

NOTE: If you take the minimum amount of those classes it turns out to be 8 people in total, meaning that there's room for 4 other characters from Optional.


1 Professor
---For SP, Dispel, Magnetic Earth, they have a lot of useful spells.

1 Stalker/Shadow Chaser
---Get a warlock skill or severe rainstorm, this is useful for mob floors; during MvP go off to a safe area and wait in case someone dies, must carry yggs. OR you can attack the MvP if you are a bow stalker.

1 Guillotine Cross/Assassin Cross
---Grimtooth, meteor assault, are good for mobbing; if you are geared well, attack the MvP, otherwise hold back on MvPs and be a back up to run in case the party looses control, must carry yggs.

1 Bard/Dancer/Wanderer
---Support class, do songs and stuff, severe rainstorm for mobs in other floors.

1 Lord Knight/Rune Knight
---Go vit or spear build; use spear skills for mob floors and during MvPs use Enchant Blade on other people, protect others from mobs chasing, divert monsters from other classes if everyone dies, must carry yggs.

1 Sura/Asura/Champion
---Go Asura build and carry blues with you, during MvP floors you can asura strike MvPs but keep your distance so you don't distract them from the SG; if anything happens have Snap in hand so you can escape the monsters and revive the team when things are clear or when you can Snap back to them, must carry yggs.

1 Ranger/Sniper
---Back in my day THIS class was the MvP class, get good speed and dex and maybe luck for crits and just go crazy on the MvP, keep your distance, use Wind Walk for easier running away from MvP in case things go bad.

1 Gunslinger
---Same thing as Ranger/Sniper, just shoot and remember the right bullets.

1 Soul Linker
---Soul link people.


But yeah, that's how I see it.
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ET/MvP Class Guide
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